Jessie Royer, Chamion Sled Dog Racer


Iditarod 2013 is just around the corner and training is underway. For this year’s racing season I have 30 dogs in training. All but 4 dogs I have raised here in my kennel so I have known them since birth and had the pleasure of watching them grow and mature into the awesome dogs they are today. I am kind of like the head coach and trainer, cook, masseuse, and team mate all rolled into one. Every dog has their own personality, so it is my job to learn each personality along with strengths and weaknesses and be able to bring out the best in each dog and give them the opportunity to shine. We will be training with a 4-wheeler until we get enough snow to move to a sled again. Each dog will work up in miles as they get in better shape until they are able to run 80 and 100 miles at a time. By the time Iditarod starts they should have 2500 to 4000 miles of training on the dogs.Each and everyone of these dogs is part of my family. They are all very different but put together they make a great team! We would love for you to be part of our team too! The J Team! Through out the course of the year each dog costs between $500 to $1000 for food, vet care, vaccines, and other misc. stuff. If you would like to become and essential dog sponsor please read through my dogs’ bios and pick a dog, then click on the sponsor tab.I would love for you to meet all my dogs.Below is a short bio and picture for each dog. Thank you for being a part of our team!!

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As a sponsor of a veteran dog, you will recieve a picture of your dog, your name on the dog's coat for the Iditarod race, a team certificate, the J team newsletter and your name listed on our website. Plus, if your dog makes the 2013 team, you will recieve the Iditarod tags and bootie worn by your dog during the race. You will also receive Jessie's own cache envelope carried on the Iditarod trail and postmarked in Nome.


Ranger - 5 yrs old

Ranger is one of my most special dogs His mother is Kuling who was my main leader for years.He is so devoted to me and wants so much to please. Ranger is turning in to being a great leader himself! He is very smart! He has run 2 Iditarod’s now and even led me across the finish line as a 3 yr old in 2011. He is a hard worker and barks non stop during feeding time until he gets fed, definitely one of the sweetest dogs on the team.


Tetsa - 9 yrs old

Tetsa has been on my team for several years now and has finished 6 Iditarod’s along with countless other races. She is the queen of the dog yard. This girl has all the attitude! She is very high energy and LOVES her food. Tetsa has been one of my leaders for years now. She is always ready for a challenge and has led me down the trail in the Iditarod a lot. You would never guess this high energy girl is 9 yrs old. Her older sister Kuling raced and finished the Iditarod with me until she was 12 yrs old! I certainly hope Tetsa does as well. It is hard to find dogs this good!


Grace - 9 yrs old

Ah, my sweet Gracie! She might only be 40 lbs but she is all heart! This sweetheart of a dog is a daughter of Kuling and has been a leader on my team for years. She along with Ranger led me across the finish line in 2011 of the Iditarod. This little dog is about as dependable as they come. She is always there when I need her most. She has run the last 6 Iditarod’s with me.

Kuling and PorschePorsche - 6 yrs old

Porsche is also a daughter of Kuling’s and if there was a contest for sweetest dogs this little girl could definitely give Grace a run for her money and probably win! She has had a few health problems over the years but has always over come them and gone on to race with me. She did a lot of leading for me in the last Iditarod. To be polite I would say she is not the smartest dog on the team but that’s ok, she makes up for that with lots of heart. She has only run one Iditarod with me but I sure hope to see her on the team again this coming year! In this picture Porsche is the dog on the right but the dog on the left is her mother Kuling.


Ferrari - 6 yrs old

Ferrari is Porsche’s sister (Kuling’s daughter) and has also been an outstanding leader for me for the past 4 yrs. Ferrari has finished several Iditarod’s with me and has more energy than most dogs. This dog never stops moving even at home. She loves to play with her dog food dishes which will keep her occupied for hours. She is about 45 pounds but eats more food in a day than my biggest 70 pound male dog. She certainly lives up to her name!


Jaguar - 6 yrs old

Jaguar is a brother to both Ferrari and Porsche (figure out the theme?). He has been on my team for the past 4 yrs and although he is not a leader he does run swing for me which is the position right behind the leaders. It is a very important spot on the team that really helps the leaders out. Both Jag and Ferrari prefer to lope when most of the dogs on the team are trotting but they can lope for a 100 miles a day and not tire. They are fast dogs that really help speed up the whole team. He is also very high energy and requires a lot of food to keep him going.


Lucy - 4 yrs old

Another wonderful daughter of Kuling, Lucy is a 40 pound ball of all energy and heart! She finished the Iditarod with me as a 2 yr old and again as a 3 yr old.She is always ready to go and a real star on the team. She is a first time momma this summer and just had a litter of 4 pups about a month ago. The pups will be weaned in another month so she will have plenty of time to get back into shape and join the team again for this winter.

Toad and MunchoToad & Muncho - 9 yrs old

These two boys are Tetsa’s brothers and have been on the team a long time. They usually run in the wheel position which is one of the physically toughest spots on the team. Wheel is the spot right in front of the sled.They handle tough situations like it was just another day at the beach. These boys are tough and they know it They have a big attitude to go along with it too! Cocky and full of themselves I call them my basher brothers.I really love these two dogs!! But warning, vets beware……they don’t like vets and will usually growl at them. Anyone else and they would just as soon jump on you and lick you in the face. Both dogs have finished several Iditarod’s with me.Muncho is on the right and Toad is on the left

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Gojo and BoraxBorax and Gojo - 6 yrs old

These two are brothers and are also about as crazy as they come…..crazy about eating that is! Gojo has been know to eat anything is his path - rocks, booties, dog dishes, you name it. They are good dogs though.Both have finished a couple Iditarod’s with me.Being good eaters is a big part of why they do so well on the team. They keep their strength and energy up and always have a tight tug line when they pull.You notice when you have them on your team, the power goes way up.Super friendly dogs you have to watch them or they will knock you over with excitement.Gojo is on the left and Borax on the right side of the picture.

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M & M - 4 yrs old

M & M is a daughter of Tetsa and is every bit as feisty as her mother! She has been on my team for a couple of years and usually runs somewhere in the middle of the team. She has her dad’s eyes with one blue eye and one brown eye. One of the traits I like to breed for in my dogs is good eaters, well I certainly succeeded with this litter! M & M and her litter mates take eating to an all new record high I don’t think I have ever had such good eaters on my team. The last Iditarod M&M ran with me she actually gained weight during the race she ate so much!


Rolo - 4 yrs old

This dog is one of my favorites. He is of course M & M’s brother (Tetsa son). He finished his first Iditarod with me as a 2 yr old and was outstanding. He doesn’t run very well for anyone else but me. If I let someone else run him he will not pull but for me he is a great dog. Obsessed with eating as well I have to watch him or he will eat so much he looks like he swallowed a watermelon. He just keeps getting better every year and I hope will one day be like both of his parents and run lead as well. His dad (Slurp) didn’t start leading until he was almost 5 and ended up being one of my best leaders until he retired.


Reese’s - 4 yrs old

This is one BIG dog. Probably one of the biggest dogs on the team he is a real power house, weighing in at around 75+ lbs. Although he is a littermate to M&M and Rolo he does not have their fiery attitude, he is just a big sweetheart of a dog. He is a good athlete though for being such a big dog and has already finished 2 Iditarod’s. He stands out as sort of the giant on my team. When he stands up on his back legs and puts his front paws on my shoulders he can look me in the eye! What a handsome dog he is!


Quick - 4 yrs old

Quick is a pretty quiet shy dog around new people but is a very sweet and devoted dog to me. She is no push over though, I have to watch her for growling at the other females if they get in her space. She finished the Iditarod as a 2 yr old dog and is just one of those dogs that may not always be a shining star but is always dependable and there for you when you need her. She is one of those dogs that gets the job done and never complains or causes any problems. She is a half sister to Borax and Gojo.

Rookies $500 - $999

As a sponsor of a rookie dog, you will recieve a picture of your dog, a team certificate, the J team newsletter and your name listed on our website. Plus, if your dog makes the 2013 team, you will recieve the Iditarod tags and bootie worn by your dog during the race.


Linus - 4 yrs old

Linus is Lucy’s brother and Kuling’s son. He has been training with me for a couple yrs now and has even done a few races. He started the Iditarod a couple yrs ago but do to an injury (he stepped in a hole) he did not finish the race. He is an extremely hard worker on the team.Linus is always such a polite dog and just a sweetheart. I really hope he makes the team this year!

Little Joe

Little Joe - 3 yrs old

This will be Little Joe’s first year trying out for the main team. Last year as a 2 yr old he ran a 100 mile race for a Jr. friend of mine and was absolutely fantastic! He has a lot of talent, but of course why wouldn’t he….he is Kuling’s grandson! I am very excited about this new super star!


Hoss - 3 yrs old

Hoss is the last puppy that Kuling ever had. He lives up to his name and is a brute of a dog. The only problem he had last year was he would work too hard and sometimes get small injuries. Another year older and physically more mature now I am very excited to see how he does.


Streak - 4 yrs old

A sister to Quick, Streak has actually done a fair amount of racing but she has not yet run the Iditarod. She is a very nice leader but it can be interesting if she is in the lead when we meet new people. She is very scared of people she does not know. She has turned a team around on me to go back the other direction. When she is loose she will hide under my legs. She has always been like this from the time she was a puppy. Streak is a great sled dog though with a lot of endurance and I am sure will be a great addition to the team.


Twix - 4 yrs old

Although she is a littermate to M&M, Rolo, and Reese’s Twix has taken a little longer to mature and has not done any races yet. The one thing she does really well is eat!! She has that part down with flying colors. She is a good little dog though and I sure would like to see her make the team.


Cody - 2 yrs old

I bought Cody as a puppy a couple yrs ago. He was a big dog even as a pup.He weighs over 65 lbs but is still a great athlete. He was doing very well on some 50 mile runs last year as a yearling.He likes to run in the lead but because he is so big it is hard to find someone to run with him that he can’t push around where ever he wants to go. He is pretty smart though so I hope he starts picking up on his commands soon so at least he goes in the right direction! I am very excited to have Cody a part of my kennel now.What a great dog!


Dogwood - 2 yrs old

Dogwood was given to me last year as a yearling to run on my tour teams.Talk about an attitude! This dog has lots of it! He is very cocky and full of himself, he likes to pick fights if I don’t keep a close eye on him but he is a sweetheart of a dog to people. This is one of my favorite young dogs. There is something special about this dog that I really like. His cocky attitude is what makes him good. It is also that same attitude that gets you through the tough spots in a race. I really think this dog will be a super star when he matures more.


Radar - 3 yrs old

Radar was given to me last year by a lady in Alaska that couldn’t keep him anymore. I used him last winter for my tours and he did very well. I thought I would give him a chance to try out for the race team this year. He is a happy dog that gets along with everyone. Radar is a hard worker so it will be interesting to see if he has the endurance to make the race team. He is a nice big dog so I would love to see him make it!


Hawkeye - 4 yrs old

Hawkeye came with Radar from the same kennel in Alaska. He is a year older and a bit of a shy dog but he worked very hard on the tours last year so I thought I would let him try out for the team as well. Hawkeye runs in the lead sometimes but I don’t put him up there very much. He is also a nice big dog so has lots of power when he pulls. Both Hawkeye and Radar have a lot of racing bloodlines in them so they both have lots of potential.


Chad - 5 yrs old

Chad is also new to my kennel. I have always raised my dogs for my team but every once in awhile you come across a pretty good deal for dogs for sale. Chad and his brother Charlie are nice big dogs with good bloodlines and came from a guy in Canada that had to sell his whole kennel. Chad had done some racing so I thought I would give him a try on my team as well. He has long legs and a good trot so he can really cover some miles. Time will tell how he does but it will be fun to have him train on the team.


Hopsing - 3yrs old

Hopsing is an extremely hard worker almost to a falt. Sometimes he gets tired on the long runs because he tries to pull the whole sled himself. After lots of miles he was starting to learn to slow down a little bit. He even did a 100 mile jr. race with a friend of mine last year and did really well. It will be fun to see how he does this year with another year under his belt.


Ben - 3 yrs old

Ben is a littermate to Hopsing. He has a lot of the same traits but he has a much better gait than his brother. Both dogs are always very happy and eager to go. They are very sweet with people and love attention but I have to watch them for fighting with their team mates. They tend to be on the cocky side but I actually really like them for that personality.


Charlie - 5 yrs old

Charlie is a brother to Chad and is one of my biggest dogs. I bought him a year and a half ago so I have never raced him. He is over 70 lbs which is very big for my kennel. Charlie is always happy and is a very hard worker so I hope he has the endurance the smaller dogs have and does well this winter. He is a real power house and a real pleasure to have in the kennel.

Phazer harley Chopper Electra

Phazer, Chopper, Harley, and Electra - 2yrs old

Hmm…..can you guess the theme with this litter of 4? These guys are of course all littermates and their mother is Ferrari. I figured I would keep with the fast sporty themes! This will be the first year for all four dogs to try out for the team. Last year as yearlings they ran in the junior sprint races with a couple friends of mine in Anchorage. They are fast and love to run. They all work hard and so far never seem to tire. They show great endurance but have very high metabolisms so they need to eat a lot of food. It is hard to keep weight on them so I hope they continue to eat enough. They will be a great addition to the team if they pass fall training! Phazer, Chopper, and Harley are all males and Electra is a female.

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